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                  Emergency alert system test today ..

                  Media frenzy as Court asked to approve broadcast, webcast of extradition hearing
                  CHINA'S THREAT TO CANADA

                  Sharks are circling Snoozy Scheer
                  CAN SNOOZY SCHEER BE SAVED ?
                  How solid is Snoozy's Conservative caucus support ?

                  QE2 SET TO ABDICATE ?

                  2 powerful storms threaten US Thanksgiving travel

                  Trump, as he sees himself
                  New revelations put Trump on shakier ground

                  European Commission: 'Team Ursula' gears up

                  USA to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists

                  Shocked Pope: 'There is corruption in the Vatican'

                  Bangladesh Islamists sentenced to death for 2016 cafe attack

                  Legendary Soviet spy Goar Vartanyan dies

                  The Strange Tale of Quadriga
                  Ponzi Schemes, Yachts, & Missing $250 Million in Crypto
                  Cryptoqueen: How this woman made billions, then vanished

                  Trudeau turns elusive middle class into unnecessary ministry

                  Philpott's new gig with Northern Ontario Indigenous nation

                  Woo-hoo, I'm Beyak !
                  Back on Senate payroll after 'racist' suspension

                  Ontario energy minister takes heat for quoting from
                  magazine casting doubt on climate change

                  to avoid commuter chaos
                  Tentative deal reached with Metro Vancouver transit workers

                  AggregateIQ ? Nothing to see here, move along, move along

                  Ex-Nova Scotia Premier & Trudeau CabMin Gerald Regan dead

                  Air Saguenay closes down after plane crash lawsuit, business woes

                  Taiwanese-Canadian actor Godfrey Gao dies while filming in China

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